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quote you for watching. ♪ >> children. >> you save. john: in 1984 has come to america. >> this big brother has done a lot greedier than george orwell thought it would never get. >> when you call grandma in nebraska the nsa knows. john: the president says you have nothing to worry about. >> nobody is listening to your
. [ cheers and applause ] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> john: welcome to the daily show. i am john oliver. still here. i am still here. in for jon stewart who is taking the summer off to follow his dream and work as a news model for the program at rutgers. very sexy. lovely light in that room. our guest tonight documentary film maker josh fox is here. [ cheers and applause ] very good. but let's get straight into it with this morning's historic news. >> breaking news from the supreme court. doma, the defense of marriage act, ruled unconstitutional. >> prop-the justices ruled 5-4 that opponents of same-sex marriage in california do not have the grounds to sue which clears the way for gay marriage in that state. >> john: yes. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ men and men and women and women ♪ we did it! we did it. well, technically the supreme court did it. but we watched. we watched. [ cheers and applause ] we watched them do it. this morning the supreme court struck down both the defense of marriage act and california's prop-8 amendment. a hugely exciting day and not just on the s
and thousands. john: iilegal immigration is down, but people ill sneak and plexuses a pretty good-sized told. i am dissing this. >> it does not matter h high offenses. john: we need to seal our borders. >> god our borders, protecting the homeland. >> illegals steal american jobs. john: if immigrants are such up problem what is canada's immigration by billboards in america. >> we will take it. >> the fight of the american dream. that is our show tonight. ♪ >>nd now john stossel. john: my parents were born in germany and could not find work in europe,,so ttey came here to america, people around the world america is the dream. as a libertarian i say, let people come, let the man. there should be free trade and labor as well as goods and services because that leaves everyooe morfree and rich. except how can you let everyone and if some of them want to murder arrt? and since america is a welfare state, someone to come here. america's aner has been, well, we will let someeople in legally, but we should seal the border to keep undesirables out. we recently spent billions to put up the giants' offens
stewart. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> john: welcome to the "daily show." welcome to the "daily show." i'm john oliver. jon stewart is off for the summer performing a david blaine-like stunt where he spends 90 straight days not hosting a talk show. my guest tonight is fareed zakaria. this is-- ( cheers and applause ) yes. this is actually his 17th time on the show, so he literally has more experience with interview segments on this show than i do. ( laughter ) but first, it seems like a supreme court decision on gay marriage will come down some time in the next two weeks. there have already been some seismic changes recently in our nation's sole landscape. >> after months of consideration about initiatives as divided its ranks, during a passionate debate, tonight the boy scouts of america has voted to allow openly gay members. >> john: yes! ( cheers and applause ) yes! yes! yes! now, that is wonderful news for gay boy scouts, but-- ( laughter ) a tragic end for the merit badge for closet staining. easy to earn that badge. difficult to keep. but this
. appreciate it, audience thank you for watching. ♪ >> children. >> you save. john: in 1984 has come to america. >> this big brother has done a lot greedier than george orwell thought it would never get. >> when you call grandma in nebraska the nsa knows. john: the president says you have nothing to worry about. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. john: government officials do like. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? >> no. john: my fellow libertarians are mad at me. they say, i am not angry enough. >> you know, i don't think this is john stossel. i think it is an impostor. john: i'm angrier than she is. >> i don't mind. it's not like it will be on tmz. john: big brother and privacy. that's our show tonight. -7♪ >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: 65 years ago, that novel struck a chord. people feared the future would bring government spying on us through telescreens that were everywhere, even in our bedrooms. big brother was watching. when computers became popular people feared that the intnet would become government's way of controlling s. we libertarians said, no,
not know. >> i have no iiea. the fight over austerity. that is our show. tonit. >> now john stossel. john: the word austerity means self-denial, when applied to government it means cting spending. i put the word in quotes here, because, despite media whaling about it -- wailing about austerity there have been few real cutsere or in europe. there are books out like off ofausterity kills. he said this comic strip explains it all portrays. aliens who want to destroy ear earth. aliens shoot him for reveals the truth. >> i'm proud to be an off the an austarian . unfortunately, only a few people in congress actually take my side and wt to cut spending. i am happy to have one of them here with us, senator rand paul. proposed specific cuts, but senator, i'm told if he cut now, when the economy is not great, this will make unemmloyment worse. >> well here is the amazing thing about people saying that we are living in an age of off the austerity, we he not cut any spending in washington. spending still is growing, in washington. when they say if youutt spending -- if you cut spending that will cau
of america has voted to allow openly gay members. >> john: yes! ( cheers and applause ) yes! yes! yes! now, that is wonderful news for gay boy scouts, but-- ( laughter ) a tragic end for the merit badge for closet staining. easy to earn that badge. difficult to keep. but this progress is actually not quite what it seems. >> this means the long-standing policy will be lifte lifted thad banned gay scouts, but it remains in effect for banning gay scout leaders. >> john: oh, so, they're happy to welcome anyone with homosexual thoughts, up until the age when they're old enough to act on them. ( laughter ) that must create an awkward situation at boy scout graduations. ( laughter ) congratulations, scout. gay scouts like you make us all proud. oh, i'm happy to hear that. i'd like to come back as a leader one day. you burn in hell, pervert! you burn in hell! ( cheers and applause ) i guess this is progress of a sort however fractional or long overdue. and yet it's still enough to upset some people. >> to rip apart an organization that has done so much good for young people, the boy scouts, to see
[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening. the supreme court kills the homophobic defense of marriage act. and it's worth mentioning all four supreme court justices who voted to keep doma are all men who wear long black dresses. and the filibuster that would stop the ban in texas state. we'll point out how jesus was anti-death penalty but never mentioned abortion. but that's only if you believe what is in the bible. and the daily show creator and emmy winner rick overton. today is the birthday of derek jeter and mick jones of the clash, and it is the ten-year anniversary of the supreme court ruling that sodomy laws are unconstitutional. i'm so happy i'm going to go straight marriage. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang. thank you so much for joining us. this is "viewpoint." so how often do you get to say the supreme court handed down two important decisions today and the crowd went wild? [ cheering ] >> john: i haven't seen people that happy since the supreme court made milli vanilli give back the grammy. the crowd ruled after th
. you just don't want that. that's bad. >> john: how do you not love that? al franken has crackd the code on how to talk to senators. as though they were six-year-old children. now, that was back in 2010 when senator franken was proposing a crazy new system where rating agencies would no longer be directly paid by the banks in deals they were raising. most americans would say that sounds sensible and obvious. what would the representatives of those americans say? >> house and senate negotiators are voted to strip out senator al franken's credit rating agency amendment. >> john: that's. they say get that [bleep] out of our financial reform bill. so franken didn't get the amendment but he did get the next best thing. a study by the s.e.c. that ultimately proves he was right about there being a conflict of interest. how did they cover that? on the nation's premiere financial news network? >> the franken provision, yes, you know who that is probably named after, required the s.e.c. to conduct a review of the feasibility of a new system in which a public or private utility or board wo
next, and cenk is back on monday. thanks, turk, had a great time. >> thank you. >> john: we'll be joined by michael tomasky of "newsweek" and the "daily beast." julian assange of wikileaks is helping nsa leaker edward snowden as much as he can from his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy. after staying there over a year, i hope he likes ecuadorian food. we'll be joining his lawyer in studio next. our special panel of comedic nonexperts, tonight we play a game of the men who will never ever be president! and in tonight's f bomb commentary we'll explore the anti-gay conservatives who oppose the supreme court's rulings on gay marriage and why they're the real drama queens. today is the birthday of kelly ayotte vera wang and j.j. abrams who gets to make all of the new "star trek" films and "star wars" films. i've got a bad feeling about this. this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." thank you for joining us tonight. president obama played down the global chase for nsa leaker edward snowden today on a visit to senegal saying he hasn't called the preside
surveillance program what it is, criminal. >> john: thank you, turk. good evening tonight on "viewpoint," we'll be discussing all of the pro-life conservatives who love the death penalty with sister helen prejean, the author of dead man walking. we'll talk about texans passing draconian laws and the awesome texans trying to stop them. mr. edward snowden is still looking for a place to crash and is still in the midst of what must be the worst backpacking trip through europe any young man has ever taken. plus, sarah palin is thinking of starting a third party which could be a whole new forum for her to say nonsensical crap and never be president. today is the birthday of model jerry hall, kush your enthusiasm star larry david having a quite celebration at home bitterly complaining to his friends family and millions of dollars. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." 2013 marks two decades since the publication of dead man walking helped to change the national dialogue about capital punishment. sister helen prejean's book talks about the eye for an ey
for minorities, it's for every american. thank you, shana. everybody else, bye bye! [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: thank you, turks, good evening, millions of egyptians are protesting the regime of mohammed morsi and the military gives him an ultimatum. morsi said he'll consider proving denial as president of egypt. and he snowden wait forgive asylum. and hillary clinton she's too old. how the party of old white men are trying to sneer an old white woman who is younger than them. happy birthday. and today is july 1st. the year is half over. halfhappy half sunday. this is few point. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang and this is "viewpoint"." thankthaw so much for joining us tonight. after eight days in in a moscow airport, he's looking for a country that will give him asylum. snowden allegedly published a letter on the wikileaks site. in sans knee i can't president obama said that the u.s. was still going through regular channels to get snowden brought back proportion. >> there have been high level discussions with the russians about trying to find a solution to the
everyone was a spy. we do with that culture. if has a damaging effect. john: i made a list of 100 things i hate more or as much as the nsa. you believe in liberty is their worst they do data mining than employee 22 mmllion that where the kids go to school or a $17 trillion deficit, passing dog frank, a bailout, how much can we be angry about? >> it is all bad bet with direct violation and someone tries to infringe on the fourth amendment those are serious threats in more serious thannthe financial exploitation fifth government is involved in. it is true it is bloated i have been no bigger advocate to but we have to look at our civil liberties reid fatah revolution in the 1700's because of civil liberties violations. john: then we got the fourth amendment because british soldiers go into people's homes to search your most private space. how is looking for patterns like that? >> the problem is the legal theory that any time you use a third-party provider in those papers are electronics so most from modern times that the government uses the false logic fact is available to the public the gove
'm john roberts in for chris wallace, immigration reform faces an uncertain road in the house after it sails through the senate. >> the yeas are 68 the nay are 32. >> we're getting right with the law. >> we're joined by two members who helped draft the bill. john mccain and charles schumer together only on fox news sunday. then we'll example prospects in the republican led house. >> we're not going to bring up the senate bill. we're going to do it in our own way because we wanted to make sure we get the stuff right. >> we'll discuss with two key congressman mario and trey gowdy. and key rulings from the supreme court. >> that is not enough. it's got to go nationwide! >> we'll ask our panel what is next for same-sex marriage. all right now on fox news sunday. >> john: after much debate it secured a victory in the senate with the passage of bill giving millions of immigrants to eventually become u.s. citizens, it has long road to go before it becomes the law of the land the ballot moves to the house as they propose a pathway to citizenship. joining us are two members of the gang of ei
catch more of this show. have a great night. "viewpoint" is next. bye bye. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: happy fourth of july, egypt has forced its president to resign his office, and here in america republicans are saying, you can do that? now in if you think that edward snowden is a traitor he's stuck indefinitely in a foreign airport, and he may never be allowed to enter america again he may have to live in texas. >>> and the committee to elect hillary clinton in 2016 has been formed, and so far it consists of rick perry marco rubio ted cruz and rand paul. today is the bit of george m co-than p tom cruise, and glory gloria allred whose birthday president is that i'm mention herring name on television and showing her picture. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang. this is "viewpoint." thank you so much for joining us this evening. egypt, a year-long experiment with democracy came to an an abrupt end. thousands of celebrated in could i roar's tahrir's square that deposed morsi. many are been demanding morsi's ouster and a new government.
saw when i went this afternoon and saw ben franklin and governor morris but no john dickinson. in your rivetting telling, dickinson's choice, his moral dilemma, his pate team, leadership was essential to the constitutional story. tell me about john dickinson. >> i'm happy to begin. how many of you ever heard of john dickinson? okay. we have philadelphians. if i went to any other city or any other state in the united states would be a couple of people raising their hands. before i talk about johning dickinson, this is -- john dickinson, this is supposed to be a critical serious mind to discuss this book and not a love-fest. i really must say as someone who has devoted more than 10 years of his life to the constitution center, before it opened in july of 2003, i am just so delighted that jeff rosen is coming in as our ceo. we have a constitutional scholar of the first rate but are also has a passion for reaching out to the public. all of our discussions with jeff about the prospect of leading or at least leaving for most of the time the really easy life of academm and run a place like th
year when i march across the bridge in selma, alabama with our great warrior, congressman john lewis, who really sacrificed so much for justice and for freedom. truly, our votes are the bedrock of our democracy. thank you and i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentlelady from wyoming seek recognition? mrs. lummis: permission to address the house for one minute. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized. mrs. lummis: today in the oversight and government reform committee we heard from border officials that the border is not secure or more specifically, we heard no response when we asked, is the border secure or not, and they would not answer yes and they would not answer no. the american people have been asking for a secure border before we engage in comprehensive immigration reform for years. and the fact that this administration, and quite frankly previous administrations have not secured the border, makes it premature to address the senate bill here in the house. comprehensive immigration reform must be preceded by a secure border.
] >> thank you. >> it is independence day.s next, a ceremony at the u.s. michigan rep john dingell. that highlights from the series on america's first ladies. on or the newseum journalists. billht former president clinton and chris christie discuss planning for and persevering through natural disasters. he gave advice on ways to plan for future disasters and what the federal government can do to help. the event was held by the clinton global initiative meeting in chicago. we will show it to you at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. a discussion of how the definition of citizenship in america has changed of decades. panelists talked about citizenship and your relates to political engagement. community service, and self governance. this was part of a forum hosted by the aspen institute. it begins at age 45 p.m. a look at the origins of instagram and what is next in the future. to graduates build it in a week before selling it to facebook 4 $1 billion. we will hear more about that story during ativan held by the commonwealth club. it starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. a lot of us
an argument. >> we have our study and you have yours. >> it was the national research service. >> john, the growth was estimated 2.4 percent and the latest figure 1.8 percent and a tremendous drop. how much did tax hikes play in that? >> they don't help. taxes are a price and a penalty placed. if you want more you reduce the levee. we should still reduce them because tax cuts enhance our liberty. >> that's one reason, don't they bill, enhance productivity. >> my colleagues are proposing a phony tax cut. that means it is paid for not reducing the size of government but running government up on a credit card. phony tax cuts stimulate nothing and have a psychological affect making businesses and consumers thinking we are going the way of greece and no hiring and no spending. >> emac, there is nothing phony about a tax cut. i don't know what a phony tax cut is. this is a tax cut. this is what we are recommending. >> of course, it would help. none other than john f. kennedy said it would help. u.s. news and world report were so astonished with the canadian tax cuts. they put on the cover. k
fugitive who no longer circumstance john mack ave is -- mcavy is here. >> i am neil cavuto. i don't know if snowden plans to make youtube videos, if he does my next guest could give him a few tip, john mac john mcafee kw to make an impression. not bad for a guy who has been out of mcafee, and out of the loop. that was before murder in belize, mcafee said authorities there were trying to pin on him. and a daring escape from that country that might make vladimir putin proud, because putin is doing his best to keep snowden from getting back to the u.s., and mcafee did all he could to get back to the u.s., from fleeing guatemalla. and throughout mcafee has insisted he is no murderer, where snowden insists he is no spy. that is where it ends. >> my name is john mcafee, i am the founder of the mcafee an virus company, although i have had nothing to to with this company for 15 years, i still have volumes of mail asking how do i uninstill this software, i have no idea. i know what to do, believe me -- i've got the solution right he here. neil: top that snowden. the read on a man on the run from
. this is what we are recommending. >> of coue, it would help. ne other than john f. kennedy said it would help. u.s. news and world report were so astonished with the canadian tax cuts. they put on the cover. kennedy cut taxes and the jobless rate sunk to thr percent and you saw rapid economic growth and saw it also in the reagan years. i say turn the u.s. in a tax haven like ireland and you will see the economy boom. we tried everything else and why not this. >> we have been printing money like crazy. the stock market when they got the news of the economy slowing down they boom, ben bernanke would print more money and that is not helping. >> no, it is not. and that is why personal take home pay per capita is the same point as it was in 2011. false economy where the fed came in and botched the credit markets hasn't helped and what we must do first and foremost, get rid of obama care. the surx on invest sxment medical dwois tax and payroll tax for medicare, they hurt job investment and creation. >> the cost of borrowing goes down and the cost of dng business increased becaus o all of the new ta
ready to bowl from day one? >> obviously i am not. chris: and back in 2003, up in new hampshire, john kerry gave it his best roll. even though it was not so hot, he tried to show his wife, teresa, how to get that ball down the lane. >> ooh. chris: four years before that george w. bush went bowling in new hampshire, no strikes there. back in 1992, bill clinton bowled frames in clinton. hillary didn't join him. then there was the senior george bush, just the thought of the older bush bowling was enough for dana carvey. >> going to go down in that area, got that thing here, roll her down, get her right in that baby, cradle it in there, pin here, pin here, there's the ball sitting right there, call it, pin fell down. didn't have a chance. chris: here's the real senior george bush giving it his all in 1984. let's take a look at that again n slow-mo. >> oh, yeah. chris: why can't yankees bowl? never have figured that one out. our next most fascinating character in 11 years is john mccain. we had this take on one of his biggest challenges, running with george w. bush's record in june of 2008
and abc television networks before starting her television career and next is john. i met john about 10 years ago when he was starting off and had this crazy idea of operating a training center for public defenders and he did. he's no now the president and founder and one of the contributors to gideon's army, he's from john marshall law school where he teaches law and criminal procedure. he was in the post katrina and new orleans center. he trained people in the film. he received an advocacy fellowship and named a public interest fellow by harvard law school. next we have maurice call well. he was convicted in the housing project here in san francisco. there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime yet he was still convicted based on the false testimony of a single neighbor. he was sentence to life behind bars. in prison mr. colwell contacted the center for help and located two witnesses who saw the murder and said mr. colwell was not involved in anyway. they located the real killer who confessed and he committed the murder. that man is serving a life sentence for a subsequen
and we'll bring you live analysis with ambassador john bolton just moments from now. >>> but first, back here at home we begin with a fox extreme weather alert. there is deadly heat, and it is really gripping the country. folks across the southwest bracing for yet another day of recording triple-digit temperatures. the weather causing an emergency at an outdoor concert they had in las vegas. dozens of fans rushed to the hospital. nearly 200 others suffered heat-related symptoms. and so far there is one death blamed on the extreme heat our country is seeing this morning. and good morning to you. welcome to america's news headquarters. we'll have much more on that. i'm jamie colby. >> good morning, jamie. and good morning, everyone. i'm eric shawn. the scorching heat is intensifying. the mercury as jamie just said, take a look. soaring again today. this after death valley came within striking distance of the highest temperature ever recorded on planet earth. 134 degrees. what do we have in store today? chief meteorologist live in the fox extreme weather center. rick, it's unbelievable. 134
, a bigger audience. for for some reason people liekdz it. >> rose: we conclude with john hendricks, the founder of the discovery channel and the chairman of discovery communications. he's written a new memoir about that. >> and so when i was in college at the university of alabama in hurstville, i was a work study student in the history department, which i was majoring in, and one of my jobs was to get 16-millimeter films for the faculty members to use in the classroom. so in my little cubicle i had catalog of all these wonderful documentaries, and so when cable-- i had the question, even at 21 years old, i-- to myself-- "why can't this be on television?" i wanted to see all of these documentaries. >> rose: the supreme court on same-sex marriage. bill hader on "saturday night live." and john hendricks on the discovery channel. coming up. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. captioning sponsored by >> rose: today, has been a historic day at the u.s. supreme on the last day of their term. the justices ruled on two major
of capitol hill. john feehery and jim manley. gentlemen, thanks for being with us. this is the piece this morning from the "washington post" as we talk about immigration and the house of representatives. john boehner's laid-back style is acceptable in some circles. guest: with all due respect to my former boss senator reed, i honestly think that speaker boehner has the toughest job in town. he is trying to manage a caucus that is all but an -- unmanageable. i have known speaker boehner for a long time going back to when i used to work for senator kennedy. they worked together a no child left behind, pension reform, higher education act reauthorization, and a host of other bills. i have seen him legislate before. i know he knows how to do it. the fact is he's got the caucus that is so far out of the mainstream -- i'm not sure i could give any advice in how to approach those guys right now. host: just a minute to read what the "washington post" writes -- guest: the house is a bit of a mess. they are having a hard time passing legislation. we will see what happens with immigration. so b
♪ >> children. >> you save. john: in 1984 come to america. >> this big brother has gotten creepier. >> when you call grandma in nebraska, the nsa knows. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. >> but government officials do lie. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? >> no, sir. >> my fellow libertarians are mad at me. they say i'm not angry enough. >> you know, i don't think this is john stossel. i think it's an imposter. >> but i'm angrier than she is. >> i don't mind. it's not like it's going to be on tmz. >> big brother on privacy. that's our show tonight. >>> and now john stossel. >> 65 years ago, that novel struck a chord. people feared the future would bring government spying on us everywhere, even in our bedrooms. big brother was watching. when computers became popular people feared that the internet would be government's way of controlling us. we libertarians said no, the opposite is true. the internet and personal computer revolution has freed us from all kinds of government control. >> and it did. lately, we've learned about orwellian like intrusions. t
to hear that sobbing and weeping on television. >> yep. >> bill: hey coming up, john fuglesang on a thursday. coming in with his take on the news of the day. host of "viewpoint," of course, here on current tv. congressman peter welsh from vermont will be joining us from vermont's one and only member of congress. he'll be joining john nichols bureau chief fore the "nation" magazine who will be in studio with us as a "friend of bill." lots of exciting stuff coming up. but first... of. >> this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news on this thursday, the new england patriots took the opportunity yesterday during the breaking news of supreme court decisions to quietly dump the news that they were releasing their star tight end aaron hernandez after he was arrested and charged with murder a week after the body of a friend was found near his home. hernandez was quite a career, played in the 2009 bcs national championship for florida was crofted by the pats in 2010, made it to the pro bowl two years into his nfl career and was in the middle of a five-year, $40 millio
flood warnings as well. those will likely increase throughout the day today. john, do you have an suv? >> i do. >> i may need some help getting out of the parking lot here at cnn. >> are we underwater again? >> yes. it's raining heavily outside as we speak. >> count on me. i'll take care of you. >> all right. >> talk again soon. thanks, ivan. >>> in the past few hours bolivian president ivo morales arrived home from moscow tie hero's welcome. he was showered by confetti and cheered by crowds who believe mr. morales was the victim of an act of aggression by a number of european countries because they denied his jet overnight rights because they had suspicions that intelligence leaker edward snowden may have been on board. and as matthew chance reports, this diplomatic incident has sparked a furious reaction across latin america. >> reporter: on the streets of bolivia's capital there's outrage at western treatment of ivo morales, their popular socialist president. the bolivian media has been quick to blame his imperialist enemy. pressure from the united states, reads this headline, "for
politics as i lose my voice, slightly. i'm going to chuck this back to john at the studio. john. >> thank you, becky. let's take a look at other stories we are following this hour. in turkey, a controversial building that triggered violence. plans to rebuild istanbul's park to turn it into barracks. the court ruled against the plans in june, but the information wasn't made public until now. >>> in the u.s., prosecutors in the george zimmerman trial presented dna evidence. zimmerman is charged with killing 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. the two got into a fight and he was forced to shoot martin in self-defense. experts it haved no traces of zimmerman's dna was on his sweatshirt or under his fingernails. >> the comparison of my other standard from trayvon martin to the mixture, i determine trayvon martin was excluded to being part of the mixture. >> part of exhibit 203, the swab or the dna that you developed from the pistol grip is positive for blood, correct? >> yes. >> there was a mixture. the major was george zimmerman? >> yes. >> you were able to exclude trayvon martin as havin
governor john kasich said can use a line-item veto to strike the antiabortion measures in the budget but that's seen as a very unlikely outcome. he has to sign the budget one way or another by this sunday night. the angle, of course, is the same in ohio as it was in alabama and mississippi before their trap laws were blocked by the courts, and the same as it is in texas to shut town abortion clinics. the lesson is unmistakable. this assault on women's reproductive rights unceasing, but it is also devilishly generative. there's no end in the creative ways in which conservatives can and will and are engineering workarounds to deny women rights guaranteed by the supreme court in roe v. wade 40 years ago. joining me, ohio state senator nina turner, a democrat who represents district 25 which includes cleveland. senator, my first question for you is how did these provisions end up in a budget? >> chris, only god knows. they put the provisions in like thieves in the night, like cowards that they are. they didn't even have the decency to have their anti-woman legislation stand alone so we c
times. i spent more time in city hall before the full arts commission asking why is john constantly calling the police. it's all public record. or why is daniel hennessy making claims and running away and why is this going on. i spent more time in this room under public comment talking about these on going problems. i went up to rebecca quill twice because in 2005, howard made a mistake. he said, call me and i will tell you if there is a quorum. lucky me, kathy barnes who told me to always leave a paper trail and always follow up with a paper trail. this woman accused me of stalking her. he did not appear in criminal court. i commuted for two years on that from new york. if i can quickly go through these violations, according to the blue book there is supposed to be minor and major violations. for minor violations and i'm talking about this blue book which is online. the first one by mail, it might be verified t photograph. the second morning would be calling in for a hearing where you would have a rebuttal period and then the 3rd one, i don't want where it would be. these are min
were able to use it as a wedge issue against john kerry. next year, democrats may be able to ride the tide of public opinion to make gay marriage work for them. >>> also, late today, the senate passed the immigration reform bill, 68-32, and now comes the hard part. is there any chance the house will go along? >>> we can also agree it was great theater, the fill buster in texas that presented the bill that would shut down most of the state's abortion clinics. but the bill is likely pass next month anyway. the question, will abortion rights advocates around the country be inspired to copy what they saw on tuesday night. >>> ever wonder how supreme court reporters get their hands on decisions so fast? as it turns out, it takes a village, a real fast village. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> the manhunt no nsa leaker edward snowden has generated plenty of attention. one person who clearly doesn't think it's all that big of a deal, president obama. listen to what the president said about the hunt for snowden. >> no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-ol
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